Citywide Building Envelope works with Property Managers, owners, and Strata management to quote and manage restoration and maintenance projects across Metro Vancouver. We create long-term partnerships with the people who manage commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

We are your all-in-one provider for everything to do with a building’s exterior. With a team of professionals behind each project, we ensure your time is respected and your investment is protected. We help you get projects done efficiently and affordably.

Skip the middle man and work directly with the experts in building restoration. We will asses your project to determine if an engineer is needed. If necessary, we will happily recommend trusted local firms for your convenience.

Please review our featured services below. To speak with us about an upcoming project, call 778.826.0137 or contact us to request a quote.

DECKS & RAilings

Restoring decks and balconies is our specialty. We work with all types of decking materials including vinyl, composite, wood, and liquid-applied coatings.

No matter if you’re looking for a remodel or remediation, We have the experienced crews to manage nearly any scope of work. With our wide variety of expertise, we are well-equipped to provide the most effective solution to your deck restoration and repair needs.

  • Construction, repair & remodel

  • Vinyl, composite, wood, fiberglass

  • Aluminum, wood & glass railings

  • Flashing, soffit & trim installation

  • Deck coatings & sealants

  • Drain & trench installation

  • Structural framing

  • Re-sloping

Rot Repair

Rot can occur anywhere in your building, due to water or insect damage. It can be a major threat the the integrity of your building’s structure and, until remediated, will continue to worsen. No matter the extent of your rot damage, our crews will see your project through from start to finish.

Our experts in building envelope restoration are knowledgeable in all areas of construction. We’re able to assess if an engineering assessment is needed and connect you with trusted, efficient industry experts. Our proficiency will save you time and minimize costs by cutting out the middleman, when possible.

Rot Repair | Citywide Building Envelope Vancouver
  • Rot investigation

  • Removal

  • Repair


We are your all-in-one provider for building remediation. From leak investigation and rot repair to full removal and replacement of siding flashing and trim, we will manage the full project scope.

When you’re unsure of the extent of work that is need, you can rely on Citywide Building Envelope to be honest and professional. Our team will work with you to assess the necessary project scope, provide detailed pricing, and keep open communication with you throughout.

When updating, repairing, or maintaining your building’s exterior, we are the contractor that can do it all. Citywide is the only call you need to make.

  • Leak investigation

  • Demolition

  • Disposal

  • Rainscreening

  • Siding

  • Stucco


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Citywide Building Envelope is the expert in building envelope restoration and maintenance. We offer an array of services to building managers and owners. Our professional and experienced crews ensure the highest standards of project completion. We value quality and we value our clients.