An important component of any build or renovation is using quality products and that’s why Citywide Sundecks prefers to use AZEK and Timbertech for our composite decking projects. Recently, Citywide was invited to visit the AZEK manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania to see first hand what goes into making the industry-leading composite decking products. Long time employees toured us through the plants, showing us the research and testing areas as well as production facilities. We worked hands on with the decking products in a lab and learned just what makes them so special.

The History

AZEK building supplies is part of CPG International, which also acquired Timbertech in 2012. CPG’s various brands offer highly engineered building materials that are designed to replace wood and metal in residential and commercial building. All brands are dedicated to pushing the envelope in research and development to create the most innovative products on the market – “Building Products. Better”.

Research and Development

Quality analysis and product innovation really get the engineers at Azek and TimberTech excited. With a dedicated laboratory in the manufacturing plant, skilled engineers test products daily for their resilience and consistency. There are strict performance measure that the composite decking must measure up to including resistance to UV, fading, staining, and warping. To truly understand how long the products will last in all types of weather conditions, the AZEK/TimberTech researchers have created a climate controlled chamber that bombards their line of composite decking with intense direct UV radiation, coupled with wind and water, which equates to 20 years of intense weathering. If the product doesn’t stand up to the test, its back to the drawing board!

The Product

Timbertech produces a line of capped wood composite decking materials, the Terrain, Tropical, Legacy and collections. A capped composite is a plank of wood mixed with plastic, covered with a textured plastic exterior. The exterior is coloured and embossed to resemble a natural wood board. TimberTech capped composite is capped on all four sides of the board, ensuring a greater degree of resilience and protection from the elements and ensuring it can withstand the promise of their 25 year warranty.

AZEK Deck produces a line of cellular PVC decking products the Vintage, Arbor, and Harvest collections. These products have no wood material in them, thereby making them intensely durable and ideal for high-moisture application. Because they are pure PVC, they can be heated to 300+ degrees and curved, amplifying design capabilities. When building decks that are less than 2 feet off the ground, AZEK is the smart choice to insure against water ingress and maximize the life and beauty of your deck. AZEK Deck products have a 30 year warranty against fade and stain and a limited lifetime warranty. These products are tough.

TimberTech colours
TimberTech Colours
AZEK colours
AZEK colours

Key Take-aways

AZEK and TimberTech are superior quality products that are a great alternative to traditional wood. A long-term investment in your outdoor enjoyment and your home, composite decks lasts the test of time and look incredible for decades. With various colours and textures as well as a hidden fastening system and a sleek wood look, with these products, you can have the deck of your dreams!

Citywide Sundecks is proud to be a certified installer of these products, as we know they make for very happy customers for decades to come. On average, this type of deck is about $30 per square foot installed. Designs are available ranging in realism to wood, the more detailed and wood-like the finish, the more premium the cost.

If you would like more information about Citywide Sundeck’s composite decking services, check out our professional decking services.