Each deck has amazing attributes and areas of opportunity. Depending on your deck goals, it’s important to choose the right vinyl deck style and features. Check out these common deck renovation desires and find out how to choose the right vinyl style for your sundeck needs:

Make a small deck feel larger

In Vancouver and most other metro areas, outdoor space is limited. While we would all love to have a sprawling patio, most of us are working to make the most of what we’ve got. To maximize how large your deck feels, a simple vinyl print is most effective. Natural tones will help your deck’s borders meld with the surrounds and create the illusion of space. Railings will have a huge impact on how large your sundeck feels. Choose glass railings to extend your sightlines and open up even the most modestly-sized balconies.

Citywide Sundecks Delta Duradek Sundeck glass and aluminum white railings

For a cooler deck surface

On hot summer days, even Vancouver decks can become too hot for bare feet under the blaring sun. Light-coloured vinyls will help keep sundeck surfaces a moderate temperature. Reflective lighter tones are especially helpful on roof decks, where they can help reduce interior cooling costs, compared to darker roofing materials.

Draw focus to your deck

If you’re like us, your backyard is a point of pride. When you want your deck to be eye-catching (in the best way), choose bold colours and patterns that complement your home’s exterior. Contrasting tones draw attention and make your sundeck the focal point of your outdoor space.  To see how your home would look with different colour combinations, check out Duradek’s free Dek-Vision design tool.

Draw focus to your view

When you have a million-dollar view, your sundeck becomes the most important means to make the most of it. To keep focus on a fantastic vista, choose neutral vinyl decking colors that blend with your home. Also consider installing topless glass railings so that your awesome view is unobstructed by a pesky top-cap.

Citywide Sundecks West Vancouver view

For a durable, long-lasting deck

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, long lasting decking material, then vinyl is the way to go. For a style that’s especially apt to stand the test of time, choose a brand that you can trust. Find out more in our vinyl decking comparison blog. When choosing between vinyl deck styles, light tones and simple prints will stand up most effectively to long term wear and weathering effects.

For a personal touch

Set your vinyl deck apart from all the others in your neighbourhood by accessorizing with lighting, furniture, patio covers, and custom privacy walls.

Vinyl is the preferred decking choice of many Vancouver residents because of its affordability, durability, and waterproof features. It’s available in dozens of colours and styles to fit every taste and need. For more information on vinyl styles and Vancouver vinyl decking installation, fill out the form below or call 604-786-3325 for a free quote.