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Liquid decking goes by many names: deck coating; roll-on membrane; liquid rubber; and liquid-applied membrane.

While its title varies, its purpose and benefits are clear: Liquid decking seals your deck, creating a waterproof, safe, and easy to clean surface.

Here are some more details on exactly what liquid decking is, how it works, and how to know if it’s the right choice for your deck:

What is liquid decking made of?

There are various products on the market, each with slightly different ingredients. Generally, liquid deck coatings are a polyurethane, with optional pigment and texture added.

Polyurethanes are naturally flexible, making them scratch resistant and accommodating to large temperature fluctuations. With natural UV inhibitors, this material also stands up well to sunlight.

How does liquid decking work?

Liquid decking can be applied to almost any surface –concrete, wood, metal, and vinyl.

First, the surface is cleaned and leveled. To ensure adhesion and flexibility, Citywide Sundecks uses an epoxy primer under a polyurethane topcoat. Epoxy is much harder than polyurethane, but effectively seals and binds to various substrates and the polyurethane. The resulting combination is a durable, flexible, non-porous, well-bonded, waterproof membrane.

Texture can be added between coats of polyurethane to create a slip-resistant surface. Polyurethane can be pigmented to various colours and detailed designs can be created with coloured mix-ins.

How does it compare to other types of decking?

Liquid decking is a smart option for homeowners looking to waterproof their deck and those who want a low-maintenance solution.

Liquid decking is easy to clean and easy to repair. Where vinyl decking required a noticeable patch over damaged areas, damage to a liquid deck is resolved with a spot-applied top coat. Liquid decks are also seamless, reducing the risk of waterproof failure.

While it has numerous benefits, liquid decking requires specific conditions for application. Direct sunlight, excessive moisture, and cold temperatures complicate adhesion and curing. On the west coast, liquid decking is best installed in summer months.

For more info, read about the pros and cons of popular types of decks.

What does liquid decking cost?

Liquid decking is affordable. Especially considering maintenance and repair costs, this option provides great value. Citywide Sundecks charges an average of $10-$12 per square foot, with additional deck preparation costs varying.

Can I do it myself?

Some homeowners take deck projects on themselves, and some are successful. There are dozens of products available at hardware stores for waterproofing your deck. But, if your deck is over living space, we recommend you hire a professional to install your liquid decking.

When you DIY, what you save up front could lead to costly water damage later on. Citywide Sundecks uses industrial grade products and our installers have decades of experience. We can ensure it’s done right the first time, saving you time and headache.


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