By far, our most popular type of deck in Vancouver is vinyl decking.

Typically, a region’s weather patterns inform their top decking choice, so YVR’s love for vinyl decking is no surprise. As the leaky condo crisis proved in the 90’s, not all construction methods or materials are ideal for our wet climate.


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What is vinyl decking?

When someone refers to ‘vinyl decking’, they are most commonly speaking about vinyl sheet waterproofing material (kind of like outdoor linoleum). There are also plastic plank and tiled decking materials that sneak into this category but aren’t what we address here. You can check out our blog on pros and cons of popular deck types for more info.

Where’d it come from?

Vinyl sheet material was first used in marine application to provide a non-slip waterproof surface that was easy to clean on watercraft. Over 40 years ago, a couple of boaters in Kelowna, BC wanted a material that would offer all of those benefits for their deck – who can blame them? Through trial, research, and redesign, the original vinyl sheet decking product was born, known today as Duradek.

Why do Vancouverites love vinyl decking?

When it comes to decks, vinyl ticks all of the boxes. With an endless number of style and colour options, there is a look for every taste. While some people prefer the look and nostalgia of a wooden deck, they certainly won’t miss the maintenance of it. Vinyl decking has minimal maintenance requirements; a simple seasonal cleaning is the only requirement. The biggest bonus of vinyl decking is that it is a waterproofing membrane. This means it can be used in more applications than alternative decking materials. This is the go-to all in one solution for roof top decks and it’s an incredible option to create a dry storage or entertaining space below upper-level decks. Check out this deck in Burnaby, where we created a secure dry storage and a sundeck on top of a carport with vinyl decking.

Vinyl decking provides a practical and affordable solution to Vancouver’s notoriously wet environment.


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